Antiseptic Wipes 20 Extra Large Pads

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When it comes to minor relief and agents of healing, we stock a variety of first aid medical products that are right for you

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Antiseptic Wound Wipes is a powerful low-cost resource that also allows users to clean their injured area when changing their medical dressing

Available in iodine swabs, iodine prep pads, extra-large wipe pads and towelettes our Antiseptic Wound Wipes are easy to use and simple to store

Our strong Antiseptic Wound Wipes /strong are a common product that is easy to use and is necessary to have to properly clean wounded areas such as cuts, bruises and minor lacerations

These wipes are an important source for voiding off any potential infection caused by bacteria or germs entering a wound

This product is a frontline solution for users to take responsibility and properly clean their scar before applying a bandage or wrap to the injured area