Dwyer 616Kd-Lr-B34-Bd2, 616Kd-Lr Pressure Transmitter

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Dwyer, 616KD-LR-B34-BD2, Series 616KD-LR Differential Pressure Transmitter, 1.0% FS, 0-0.4" w.c

Applications Air handlers Duct pressure Variable air volume Filter monitoring Features Wide selection of low ranges and accuracy cover numerous applications minimizing components and standardizing on design Simple calibration push-buttons to set zero and span, saving time installing and maintaining over the service life Cost effective and compact device suitable for OEM applications where space, simplicity, and value are key Simultaneous current and voltage outputs Accuracy - 1.00 Process Connection - NPT with Front Push Button Output - 4-20 mA amp 1-5 V Range - 0-0.4 w.c.

No additional reference pressure sources or separate calibration devices are necessary

Range, Plastic Barb, 0-5 V Series 616KD-LR Low Range Differential Pressure Transmitter The Series 616KD-LR Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed for simplicity, making it the ideal choice for installers and maintenance professionals

These low range instruments not only alleviate cumbersome turn pots typically found in most transmitters, but eliminate entirely the need to span the instruments during calibration