Fantasy Mermaid Women's Costume

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Fake It 'til You Mer-make ItRemember that documentary that came out a few years ago? It was totally fake, but it was so well done we actually thought they had found mermaids somewhere along the whale mating routes of  the Pacific Ocean

nbsp Or, you know, you could also just enjoy how cool this costume is

Finally, attach the sequined hair ornament to complete the look, and become the mermaid of your dreams. nbsp Into the WaterWhether you do it for our sake, or because you love the idea of real-life mermaids just as much as we do, this costume will have you smiling like a clownfish they smile, right We don rsquo t know much about sea life...aside from mermaids

Meanwhile, the top has scalloped edges and sequined medallions in the front, as well as a constructed bust with underwire support

Mermaids may not be real, but when you're rocking this costume, we can all pretend--even just for a little bit--that magic is real, despite whatever fake documentaries may ultimately reveal.

Now you--yes you!--can help us by picking up this costume and helping us believe, just for a moment, that mermaids are, in fact, real

Oh, you knew it was just a movie the whole time Well, you know what, we were so disappointed when we found out it was fake that we immediately set about getting this Women rsquo s Fantasy Mermaid Costume out into the world

Remember it Our whole office stayed up all night after our Thanksgiving party to watch it

Seriously, you rsquo ll look like you just came from the depths of the ocean, ready to talk about the dangers of the Pacific Garbage Patch or the linguistic subtleties of dolphinese

You rsquo ll just have to watch out for people who saw the same documentary we did and still believe it was real.Fun DetailsRegardless, you rsquo ll love the all-over fish-scale print of these pants it would be difficult to get around with an actual fishtail , accented with flared, layered organdy ruffles that imitate actual tail fins